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My life is a zoo...

More Photos
Dixie's Story

When I was twelve, my father took me for a ride and we came back with Dixie.  I had grown up with dogs my whole life.  They were mostly hunting dogs and Dixie was supposed to be the same, but...well...  Click on her photo for the full story.
Anyway, the next pet I encountered was Weiland, my sister's cat.  I lived with him and my sister for a couple of years and he was the meanest thing I had ever encountered (apart from my sister) so I never liked cats and went so far as to fear them.
Then a girlfriend of mine asked me to take care of a dog named Sheba.  I renamed her Papoops and we got along great.  She would come to the bar with me and get up on the bar and visit with anyone who would give her attention and then come back to me.  It was a match made in heaven.  But as with all relationships, it's always the children who suffer and my exgirlfriend claimed custody.
I didn't want another pet after that but then my sister moved away and left me with Wei.  I have paid lots of money for his care because he is diabetic and has had other problems, but I like him, which I find ironic because he is the reason for me disliking cats in the first place. 
The other cat is the Squeaky Freaky Cheeky Monky, who my neighbor asked me to watch temporarily and who injured Wei so I gave her back.  Kicked her out, essentially.  She was really sweet to people but not to any other animal, so I kicked her to the curb.
There will be more commentary on the behavior of these animals later.

Dixie Dee Darling. She started it.
I always hated the name, but I loved the puppy from the moment we brought her home.

And then...

I met Weiland, the one on the right....
I hate cats but I REALLY hate kittens...

Finally we have Papoopsie/Papoops (aka Sheba)
She has inspired me to get another dog when I can....

And so Wiley is still here and I want him to have a friend to play with so he can stop tearing up paper towel rolls and whatnot, but I am specific about the dog I want.  I think I want a peekapoo because I think she (yes, I want a female) would be great.  She would definitely have the perfect size and intelligence for me.